I give thanks every day for online dating services, and I truly do believe that YES, there REALLY is someone for all of us. It seems crazy to think about it, but in not-so-many years past, if you wanted to find someone to date or even just hang out with, you were pretty much stuck to 1) the neighborhood and surrounding area, 2) your school or work, 3) who you MIGHT meet on a trip out of town… stuff like that.

If you were the least bit different, good luck trying to find someone! I well remember my first marriage: My then husband and I honestly weren’t a great fit, but I came from a small area with an even smaller mind-set, and thought that if I didn’t marry him, I’d be on my own forever. (Seriously, I grew up in a family that was largely immigrant, where the women were “supposed” to be married by the age of 21 or else you were deemed to be a failure, and you might as well just go work in an office as a secretary somewhere near where your parents lived because you were always going to live with them…)

So, you can imagine the excitement when online dating hit the scene! And now, I know a lot of people who are grateful for it – and there are so many types of services now, catering to so many different cultures and interests.

Of course you are always strongly advised to exercise caution when “putting yourself out there” on line – there are a ton of scams. Use common sense and don’t be in a hurry to give out your personal info. When it comes time to meet in person, ALWAYS make sure it’s in a public place, and that people know where you are, etc… And for the love of God, NEVER send someone money, and again, NEVER agree to meet somewhere private until you have gotten to really know them… (but you knew that, right?)